Whim W’him’s Choreographic Shindig is a Must See!

Dance Show Promotional

There are rare moments in life that move you.  For me, it usually comes in the form of watching artists creating their art.  Seeing a profound performance in a play, or hearing a tenor sing a Sondheim song perfectly, or watching a dancer move through epic choreography.  And it’s that last one that moved me today when I had the pleasure and the privilege to watch a rehearsal  at my favorite Seattle based dance company:  Whim W’him.

Artistic Director, Olivier Wevers, and Executive Director, Catherine Bombico were kind enough to invite me in to watch as the dancers prepare for their upcoming performance at WWDC’s Choreographic Shindig, opening in a few short weeks.  Last year the Whim W’him company of dancers issued an international call to emerging choreographic talent to come and create with them.  Of the 95 entries, three ridiculously talented artists were selected:  Joshua Peugh, Maurya Kerr, and Ihsan Rustem.  And today, I got to watch Mr. Peugh rehearse his creation with the full company, and it was an inspirational, emotionally charged experience for me.


Choreography: Joshua Peugh……Dancers: Tori Peil and Justin Reiter

Not to give much away, as you must come experience this for yourself to truly understand what no amount of words could convey, but to tantalize your taste buds, I’ll describe what Mr. Peugh has created as a remarkable piece that makes one feel as though they are attending a Mad Men meets Pulp Fiction themed dinner party hosted by Rosemary Clooney who croons us all in to each course, one more delectable and delicious than the one before!  Sound bizarre?  It’s not!  It’s beautiful!

I want to gush more about this, but I’ll hold off until my review after the performance, because you know, spoiler alerts and all.  I will just say, watching these artists work on their craft, perfecting their art, pulled on the heartstrings and filled this dance-lover’s soul with complete joy!  I’m so excited to see all three of the amazing numbers I know are waiting for me at this shindig!

The Whim W’him Choreographic Shindig will be at the Erickson Theater Off Broadway, 1524 Harvard Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122, and runs September 11-19, 2015:

  • September 11-12 at 8pm
  • September 13th at 5pm
  • September 16-19 at 8pm.

I, myself, will be attending the Saturday, September 12th performance, and I really think each and every one of you should join me!

To the entire company and all three choreographers, I give a resounding and enthusiastic Merde!

Please come out and support these amazing artists we are lucky enough to have in our great city.  Tickets can be purchased on Brownpaper Tickets here:  http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/1728649.


Ciao for now,

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