When You Grow You, Come Back to Me! (A bittersweet farewell to the incomparable Ching Ching Wong)

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It is with immense pride and a sad heart that I write this post about the next chapter awaiting one of my all favorite dancers: Ching Ching Wong!  I discovered Ms. Wong as part of my beloved NW Dance Project, and while any dance lover knows that dancers must continue to grow, and that often that growth means them moving on to a new company or a new project, it doesn’t stop those of us from missing the hell out of them.  And since I didn’t get to see Ms. Wong’s farewell performance with NW Dance Project (a fact I will never forgive myself for, BTW), I had to put my fingers to my keys and wish her farewell in the best way I know how.  To immortalize the impact she has had on me in print.  But she is too fierce, too fabulous, too fantastic for me to use prose, as Ching inspires the poet within me….so here we go…

Shakespeare must have been thinking of her when he wrote his famous phrase

About being little and being fierce, because she’s both in the most beautiful ways.

A powerhouse of emotion and artistry, she’s mesmerizing to behold

Whether on the stage or off, she’s walking, breathing, dancing gold.

I remember the first time she took my breath with her lithe and stunning artistry

In Felix Landerer’s Post-Traumatic-Monster, she showed off her intense chemistry

With Franco as they pushed and pulled each other across the stage

Whether a flick of her hand, or a sweep of her foot, she embodied controlled rage!

That piece lives in my memory, because she was absolutely epic in it

She’s simply perfection in every which way, no matter how you spin it!

In Bolero and Le Fil Rouge, her characters were too many things!

Full of fire and fun and fierce fabulousness, they were in a word: Everything.

A wolfpack lady in Carmen, Misan Look Look werked it out!

She could control my emotions and pull my focus with a simple flirty little pout.

All the roles I’ve had the honor to watch her dance over the past few years

Have filled my heart and moved my soul, and often brought me to tears.

She’s the kind of dancer you dream about seeing live on the stage some day

A giving partner, stunning soloist, and a strong company member in every way.

She’s surrounded by talent at NW Dance Project, I can’t imagine it without any of them,

But this is the way of things in the dance world, you embrace, then must let go of these rare gems

And now she’s off, to spread her wings, and share her gifts with the world.

And the world is one lucky bitch to be able to embrace this wonderful girl

Whose talent is endless and whose grace is divine, but you want to know the best part?

As amazing and big as her talent his, what’s even bigger is her heart.

Not just a wonderful dancer, but one of the kindest humans you’ll ever meet.

She’s all the good words there ever were, especially giving, and loving and sweet

And strong and tough and fierce and fabulous, and an absolute delight to know

She’s the best of us, which is why the rest of us are so sad to see her go.

But I’m also excited to see where she takes her amazingly exciting career.

I’ve no doubt that she’ll have all the success in the world, she should have zero fear

About venturing out in the world, to dance, and teach, and grow artistically

But Miz Wong, when you’re done growing you, please, come back to me!

Come back to the PNW because we simply adore you, you shining star!

But for now, spread those wings and fly little one, and soar like the angel you are!


“Boléro” by Ihsan Rustem Photo: Blaine Truitt Covert

With all my heart, Ching, wishing you and Joe the most epic of adventures!  Can’t wait to follow your journey on the social media.

Ciao for now,




One thought on “When You Grow You, Come Back to Me! (A bittersweet farewell to the incomparable Ching Ching Wong)

  1. Dearest Lady M,

    I HAVE NO WORDS. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You came into my life like a beautiful diva. Ihsan and I are the biggest fans of you. Truly, I am left speechless at your kindness and generosity. I can’t wait to take your vivacious and giving spirit with on this next chapter. I am so thankful to call you a friend and immensely grateful for your support onstage and now I step into this BIG BIG SMALL WORLD.

    Sending so much love to you,



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