Pitch Perfect 2

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I’m going to make this short and sweet, because I don’t want to ruin this movie for those who haven’t seen it, but if you loved the original, as I did, then you should definitely go see the sequel.

Like all sequels, it doesn’t have the punch that the original had, but there are a lot of gems in this second effort that make shelling out the ridiculous theatre prices to see this one on the big screen totally worth it.

Let’s start with the music.  The arrangements were just as fantastic as they were in the first one.  You expect tight harmonies and great mashups from the Bellas and the Trebles.  But what I wasn’t ready for was the hilariously great vocals by the Bellas’ nemesis Das Sound Machine!  These German weirdos in their utilikilts and mesh tops were fantastic.  I mean, come on, how can you not love this:


Also, was seriously shocked by the vocal stylings of the Green Bay Friggin Packers!  Yeah, you read that right.  In case you don’t believe me, here, check it out:

David Cross, Jordan Rogers, TJ Lang, Clay Matthews, David Bakhitari (head slightly turned away) and Josh Sitton in a scene from the motion picture "Pitch Perfect 2." Credit: Richard Cartwright, Universal Pictures

David Cross, Jordan Rogers, TJ Lang, Clay Matthews, David Bakhitari (head slightly turned away) and Josh Sitton in a scene from the motion picture “Pitch Perfect 2.” Credit: Richard Cartwright, Universal Pictures

It was a grown up version of a riff off, and it was fantastic!  This scene alone was worth the price of admission!  Not to mention Clay Matthews’s guns!  Yum!

The standard players were doing what they do.  Lily is still scary, Chloe is still trying to hard, Becca is still trying to be a music making rockstar, and Fat Amy, well….Fat rebel_wilson_pitch_perfect_2Amy is still being aca-awesome!  Her shenanigans in this installment of the Pitch Perfect franchise (I say that, because there is definitely room for more Pitchy goodness), were hilariously fantastic!

There are a few newcomers to this sequel.  There’s the newest Bella, Emily, tumblr_nfibgwcPGD1rng96vo1_1280played by Hailee Seinfeld, and she was delightful.  She brought a fresh faced innocence to these crazy Bellas, and helped smooth out the journey that the girls all go on together.  I loved her!

pitch-perfect-2-super-bowl-trailer-screenshot-david-cross-riff-off-ref-3David Cross also makes a cameo, and to say it is ridiculous is the understatement of the year!  It’s classic David, in all his scene stealing glory.  He’s funny.  He’s inappropriate.  He’s deliciously ridiculous, and I thought he was a great addition to the movie.

Also, Katey Sagal made a cameo as Emily’s mom, and a former Bella.  Katey, who will just always be Peg Bundy to me, was adorable and maternal in the best way, and can rock a pair of skinny jeans as well as Anna Kendrick, and I’m not just being kind!

23557EBB00000578-0-image-5_1416504636161Rounding out are my favorite commentators, Gail and John, who are still mean as ever!  They are the through line that keep me always wanting more, because these comedians bring the type of humor that just makes this reviewer’s hear soar!

The boys are back, too, but nothing about Benji, Jesse, or Bumper is really that memorable, so I’ll just leave that there.

All in all, I really enjoyed this movie.  Elizabeth Banks did a nice job with it as the director.  I look forward to more films from her.  It was silly, it was fun, and it had great music.  And Anna Kendrick has been one of my favorites since she was the scary little girl in Camp, and so I pretty much will watch anything she’s in no matter what it is.  She’s amazing.

Loved it!  Go get pitch slapped!  I think you’ll enjoy it.


Ciao for now,

M sm